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Weaving method and application of mesh cloth

  Mesh cloth mesh size and mesh pattern can be based on demand, by adjusting the knitting machine needle weaving, for example, the most common diamond, triangular, hexagonal, cylindrical, square, rectangular, etc. shaped network. Currently woven mesh material are generally used in polyester, nylon and other chemical fiber, high strength, light weight, high resistance, low temperature, moisture absorption characteristics.
  Principle generated mesh effect: staggered configuration single needle single tuck is not a closed arc hive hanging straight tries, part of the yarn segment transferred to the coil is connected so that the coil change into a circle, thereby forming a reverse side of the fabric staggered distribution shaped mesh (non-through hole), the effect is the opposite fabric surface.
  Tuck mesh fabric using a single needle or single needle double row multi-column tuck forming mesh fabric uneven. The more irregularities hanging fox tuck bigger and more obvious effect mesh. Single lacoste pique fabric fabric: Due to two consecutive tuck negative honeycomb mesh is more obvious than a single bead, the fabric thickness and width increases.

  Knitting mesh fabric Features: sloppy smooth fabric structure, there is a certain flexibility and scalability, breathable, mesh distribution, beautiful. Changing mesh shape, square, hexagonal, diamond, round, water wavy, irregular shape.
  1, clothing apparel applications: for mesh shirt, clothing lining, uppers, insoles, fishnet stockings, baseball caps.
  2, home furnishings and everyday applications: curtains, tablecloths, mosquito nets, cleaning supplies, baby supplies.
  3, other applications: automotive supplies, such as car seat covers, storage bags, fishing nets, outdoor products, safety supplies, etc.
  Summary: mesh cloth is widely used in life, usually polyester and nylon material, characterized by robust and greater flexibility

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